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This pre-checks information provided to a high-level, user-facing auth function, such as googledrive::drive_auth(), before passing the user's input along to token_fetch(), which is designed to silently swallow errors. Some users are confused about the difference between an OAuth client and a service account and they provide the (path to the) JSON for one, when the other is what's actually expected.


check_is_service_account(path, hint, call = caller_env())



JSON identifying the service account, in one of the forms supported for the txt argument of jsonlite::fromJSON() (typically, a file path or JSON string).


The relevant function to call for configuring an OAuth client.


The execution environment of a currently running function, e.g. call = caller_env(). The corresponding function call is retrieved and mentioned in error messages as the source of the error.

You only need to supply call when throwing a condition from a helper function which wouldn't be relevant to mention in the message.

Can also be NULL or a defused function call to respectively not display any call or hard-code a code to display.

For more information about error calls, see Including function calls in error messages.


Nothing. Exists purely to throw an error.