Intended primarily for internal use in client packages that provide high-level wrappers for users. request_make() does very little: calls an HTTP method, only adding a user agent. Typically the input is created with request_build() and the output is processed with response_process().

request_make(x, ..., user_agent = gargle_user_agent())



List. Holds the components for an HTTP request, presumably created with request_develop() or request_build(). Must contain a method and url. If present, body and token are used.


Optional arguments passed through to the HTTP method.


A user agent string, prepared by httr::user_agent(). When in doubt, a client package should have an internal function that extends gargle_user_agent() by prepending its return value with the client package's name and version.


Object of class response from httr.

See also

Other requests and responses: request_develop(), response_process()


if (FALSE) { req <- gargle::request_build( method = "GET", path = "path/to/the/resource", token = "PRETEND_I_AM_TOKEN" ) gargle::request_make(req) }